March 17, 2018 - March 18, 2018 Bergamo


March 17, 2018 - March 18, 2018




My dear friends,

It is my honor to invite you to the Founding Assembly of the Italian Hapkido Association, which will be held on March 17, 2018 in Bergamo.

          The host of the Hapkido seminar, to be held at the same time (17-18 of March 2018), as the Founding Assembly of the unique Italian Hapkido Association, will be ASD Lurra Korean Martial Arts Bergamo and instructor Javier Calvo Andueza personally.

          Instructor Javier is a Italian representative of the European Hapkido Union and has asked us to help and support the setting up of a unique Italian Hapkido Association that would gather real Hapkido masters in Italy regardless of Hapkido style, federation or school.

          The idea was created through co-operation with the European Hapkido Union and common goals. The main goal of creating a new Hapkido association in Italy is to recognize the real masters and instructors of Hapkido because, like everywhere in the world, there is a flood of “masters” who give themselves high hapkido ranks or get it over the internet from the same “masters” they’ve never seen in life.

          The idea of this kind of Association is not to promote a styles, schools or federations, it is all based only on the idea of a word HAPKIDO.

          By participating in the establishment of such a unique Italian Hapkido Association, find your place and realize the benefits that it gives legitimacy to such national Hapkido organization supported by the leading European Hapkido organization, The European Hapkido Union.

          The details you can find on FB page https://www.facebook.com/italianhapkidoalliance/ , or directly (instr. Javier Calvo Andueza): phone: +39 333 600 5714, e-mail: itha.hapkido@gmail.com

         This invitation is open to all Hapkido practitioners in Italy, regardless of rank or Hapkido federation. Even if you do not have a recognized rank you can work through the Italian Hapkido Association and legalize your work, what this organization offers as one of the benefits.