Hapkido competitions are conceived in a way so that competitors and members of each style and school can participate, and the rules themselves guarantee a quality competition and fair-play results for all so that the winners can truly consider themselves hapkido masters of the highest caliber, and not just of one style but of hapkido altogether.

What is most important, is that the rules are conceived so that parts from separate existing hapkido styles and competitions are extracted and to allow equal participation for all competitors.
The rules are partially modified (different scoring values added in combat for 1,2 or 3 points),  in order to increase competition attractiveness in our martial art for the general public ,newspaper and tv programs, and by doing so contributing even more to the popularity of hapkido in Europe.
Hapkido has acquired a distinctive form that is necessary to point out and separate from the rest of the ancient and emerging martial arts. Due to this recognition and specificity in opinion it is necessary to work together to further strengthen the efficiency, effectiveness and recognizability of Hapkido. Respecting hapkido tradition, styles and ancient masters, we must take a step forward towards the unification of what was once one, HAPKIDO.
Our European Hapkido Union aims to unite through cooperation in sport because it is the only path to survival and further development of hapkido and its recognition.
Who created hapkido, who is a better master or which style is better is not that important nowadays, because it is most important for it to be exercised with pleasure and to share that joy.
Positive experiences from other sports lie in the unification and standardization of the competition and organizational format, as well as access to national Olympic committees.