Our primary reason for existence is the realization of a single Hapkido market in Europe and expansion of the same with the goal of improving hapkido. This is achieved through:

  • Joint advertisement of hapkido events such as seminars for all styles who want to participate
  • The organization of competitions open to all styles of hapkido
  • Joint hapkido summits where each master can demonstrate the bauty and advantage of his own hapkido style in the Olympic spirit


All trainees can become members of the EHU regardless of the style and the school to which they belong. We respect all styles and schools, the essence of all styles and schools is only one word Hapkido. In our union it is only important that you want to develop HAPKIDO in Europe.

We recognize all diplomas which you may already possess, but we also allow taking pupil and master belt exams through EHU diplomas and the EHU exam program, if that is your request, or if you have the need to do so.

EHU will not impose itself as a bearer of a style or school, we are NOT A STYLE OR SCHOOL, WE ARE HAPKIDO, union of all styles and schools.11


Hapkido competitions are conceived in a way so that competitors and members of each style and school can participate, and the rules themselves guarantee a quality competition and fair-play results for all so that the winners can truly consider themselves hapkido masters of the highest caliber, and not just of one style but of hapkido altogether.

What is most important, is that the rules are conceived so that parts from separate existing hapkido styles and competitions are extracted and to allow equal participation for all competitors.

Upcoming Events

2nd All European Hapkido Championship 2016

European hapkido championship. All the hapkido styles and schools from all over the Europe are welcome. It will be held 17th – 20th of Novemeber 2016, in the city of Stubičke Toplice, 25 km from the Zagreb, capitol city of Croatia. It will be championship in the 13 hapkido disciplines. Fights, Pro fights, fallings over […]

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Latest News

Will be held in Italy, in December 2nd to 4th, 2016.

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