Our primary reason for existence is the realization of a single Hapkido market in Europe and expansion of the same with the goal of improving hapkido. This is achieved through:

  • Joint advertisement of hapkido events such as seminars for all styles who want to participate
  • The organization of competitions open to all styles of hapkido
  • Joint hapkido summits where each master can demonstrate the beauty and advantage of his own hapkido style in the Olympic spirit

All trainees can become members of the EHU regardless of the style and the school to which they belong. We respect all styles and schools, the essence of all styles and schools is only one word Hapkido. In our union it is only important that you want to develop HAPKIDO in Europe.

EHU will not impose itself as a bearer of a style or school, we are NOT A STYLE OR SCHOOL, WE ARE HAPKIDO, union of all styles and schools.


In some Martial Arts and countries well known as Dan Collegium,  The European Hapkido Union Black Belt Society was established with the task of recording all true black belts on the ground of the European continent.

The aim of establishing the Black Belt Society is to prevent pretense black belt holders from continuing to present themselves as Europe’s leading Hapkido experts. The phenomenon has been seen much earlier in the US and South Korea with the goal of introducing them as Hapkido Masters.

We will collect data about all real European Hapkido black belts regardless of their Hapkido style, federation, association or Hapkido organization. On our web page You will find the real Hapkido teachers, coaches, instructors, Masters and Grand Masters in Europe and the basic information about them.

You can find the nearest Hapkido instructor or Master anytime and you can contact them thru our web page or their contacts listed here.


The European Hapkido Hall of Fame is the only Hall of Fame in the world that  deals only with Hapkido practitioners. We know that there are more Halls of Fame around the world, but they proclaim members and practitioners of all Martial Arts.

The main goal of the European Hapkido Hall of Fame is worldwide recognition and reward for the long-time work of real and creditable Instructors, Masters and Grand Masters of this wonderful Korean martial art, in Europe.

We want to value the work of the highest quality hapkido Instructors, Masters and Grand Masters through this noble institution, to keep their name forever preserved for future generations.

Every true Hapkido Master in his life has in some ways contributed to the spreading of Hapkido and thus has earned  special recognition from us, as a Hapkido community.

Latest News

Due to COVID-19 crisis through last two years we postponed our big international Championship Croatia Open from year 2020 to 2022. Now we have better opportunity to connect event with 25th Anniversary of Croatian Hapkido Federation. We will organize this big event in small and historical city of Dyurdyevac, near to Hungarian and Slovenian border. […]

In good will and with the desire to exchange and share knowledge, as part of the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of Croatian Hapkido on Sunday, May 1, 2022 at the Picok Hotel in Dyurdyevac, a big Hapkido seminar 10 Grand Masters of diferent Hapkido styles will be held on two tatami mats. All Martial […]

European Hapkido Union always support our member countries and individual members. Following this idea,European Hapkido Federation will support Croatian Hapkido Federation by holding the EHU General Assembly for 2022 on the celebration event of 25 Anniversary of Croatian Hapkido. The EHU General Assembly will be held 29th of April 2022 in Hotel Picok, Dyurdyevac, Republic […]

At big Croatian Hapkido event, 25th Anniversary of Croatian Hapkido, the European Hapkido Hall of Fame will be held for the first time. As so far Hapkido practitioners have been nominated only in mixed Martial Arts Hall of Fame, The European Hapkido Union dedicated to start one action dedicated only to Hapkido Masters. Hall of […]